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"As a Custom Home Builder my emphasis for over 30 years continues to be “Excellence Through Association”. We retain long-term relationships with our trade partners to ensure quality and dedication to our mission.  I have been fortunate to partner with Riley Interiors for the last 18 years.  

  To build an exceptional model home we rely on Riley Interior Design.  Carrie and her team of talented professionals are on the job long before the ground is broken.  Carrie is there to assist with floor plan critique, provide interior architectural detail, and communicate her vision of the furnished model home.  

   Carrie’s interior design diligence continues with Anchor Builders to include consultation service with each of our clients as they assemble the nuances of their personal residence.   Carrie’s team assists as much or as little as each client requests during the interior design experience.  

The best part is they do it without ‘ego’ but with ‘empathy’.  

  At Anchor Builders, we insist members of our trade partners are experienced, detailed, dedicated, and loyal to our unique custom home experience. That plus, tremendous talent is why Carrie and Riley Interior Design is a proud part of our team."

~ Roy Dupuis

“Caution: Collaborating with Carrie Riley can be addictive! You will enjoy the process and be overjoyed with the final product. From selections to installations her creativity and commitment will define the process. You'll want to repeat!”


~ 2 time repetitive Bird Key residential client

“Don't let the modest store front on a quiet Sarasota side street fool you... Riley Interior Design is a powerhouse! The collaborative design approach ensures you will love the final product. The teamwork with trade professionals ensures top quality is delivered. Creative. Current. Committed.”

~Charlene Creel   - a client perspective

"Ana is an outstanding designer and a genuinely wonderful person!!  She listened to my vision and helped me thru the process with great care.   To build a custom home, remotely, is a challenge and I could not have done it without her.  She was has a keen sense of how everything will come together, makes spot-on suggestions, and isn’t shy about telling you when a potential selection you have made just doesn’t work.  Thank you so much Ana!"

~ Donnie - The Lake Club

“Behind every successful design firm stands a successful woman! In this case, Carrie Riley. She is a creative talent who can listen and translate. Her design resources are deep ensuring you will be able to select what works for you. Making it all come together looks easy as she accesses top talent to deliver the design you could only imagine.”  

~ Residential single family home client

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