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T H E   D E S I G N   C R E W



    Principal/Owner - Licensed Professional Interior Designer
    NCIDQ Certificate #020138
    FL License ID4972



      R i l e y   I n t e r i o r   

    D e s i g n  M a s c o t s  


    Image (23).jpeg

    This sassy little persnickety diva lives up to her Shiba Inu heritage in every way. Her “bear-like” adorable face lets her get away with whatever she wants.  At a mighty 25 lbs….she will boss any breed around and adores all her humans!  Don’t let her sass fool you….she loves to cuddle and snuggles up to her big sissy any chance she can get. By nature she is a hunter and thinks she is quite the “stalker” of squirrels, lizards and birds. 

    The neighborhood knows her for her proud little prance and ability to steal the spotlight from her sister. “Is that a fox?” is most commonly heard on her wilderness adventures and walks to her favorite park. 

    Born on the 4th of July, this 8 year old gal is definitely our little firecracker….and we wouldn’t change one single thing about her individuality and determined spirit!



     As a 9 year old boxer who thinks she is still 9 months old, she grew up in the design studio until she could no longer contain her level of energy with each and every delivery person!  Full of spunk, energy and love, everyone who meets her immediately falls in love. Her mission in life is to please people and to be loved on. Known in the neighborhood for her loyalty, love, constant jumping, and “butt-wags”, she follows along leash-less and ready for any ball or Frisbee tossed her way. With her heart of gold, she is better known as “Bean”, bean-pooper, and bean-pop to her pals for her constant jumping….she is our constant shadow and protector of her humans. She adores her human brother and takes the brunt of being sassed and told what to do by her younger Shiba sister Kloee. We say daily of her “she is just happy to be here, alive, and with people every second of every minute of her life”! 

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